What is '' Solid Light '' ?

What is Solid Light, first of all, it is to create new type of artwork easy to get hold of. A fresh look at their practice by contemporary artist … a 3D image creation

Particularly, to share an experience with you ! And making this trip to 3D photography easy.

It is also to attract your attention on the FabLab network and their new way of this thinking innovation.

The first opus of Solid Light project is a series of stereophotographs made by JF and Jadikan with a stereoviewer « Solid-One »

Do It Yourself – Free download, the customisable « Basic » Stereoviewer plan, and photographs in relief to print.

UPDATE / Solid One is fully compatible with the smartphone Virtual Reality side by side (app « Google Cardboard », « Durovis Dive »…)

Solid-One / Jadikan & JF
Solid-One / Jadikan & JF