Dive into the viewer to discover a 3D scenery

Stereoscopy is a photography technique from the 30’s, which involves taking a double image separated by a small gap. To allow people to see the relief, specifics tools had to be invented. The first stereoviewer came : two photographs to recreate a third dimension in a monofocal perspective.

From the same area, « lightpainting » combines the art of drawing and painting with light in space , capturing the passage of time as a final photographic image. « Solid Light » infuses these two photographic techniques -playing with light and shape- by reinterpretating old techniques with new technology.

'' Solid Light '' uses the dream of an old photographic process to make you discover new 3d artworks.

Artist and Lightpainter Jadikan made some research to present his photographic work with the 3 dimentional aspect. He focused on stereoscopy to make « Solid Light » possible.

Using already know film and digital process, Jadikan produced his first 3D lightpainting artwork.

They had been presented from 2009 to 2013 in various exhibitions with different viewers.

He wanted to find an easy way to share his passion for relief photography to a wider audience.

A simple and reprodutible stereoviewer will be the solution.

The wood stereoviewer design :

With the new technologies providing by the FabLabs, everyone can now create and realise the prototype they want.

Numeric tools present an absolute precision and the possibility to reproduce the exactly same cut, or modify it according your needs/wishes.

The wood stereoviewer design